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IVF Centre

AMRI IVF is the first Assisted Reproductive Technology Centre in India designed with purity of environment in mind and embryo culture systems simulating in utero conditions. The Infertility clinic has a specialized facility for sperm donors, egg donors and surrogacy. The dedicated team of professionals manage and provide end to end solutions with the in house Cryobank & Most Advanced Incubator.

After a successful pregnancy, the expectant can avail priority admission with closed package in any of our AMRI Hospitals around the city.

  • Dedicated team of IVF Experts
  • 100% Non-Disclosure Agreement – Client Confidentiality
  • Affordable Price Range
  • Package Customization available for Private Corporate & State Govt. Tie-Ups
  • Sustainable Success rate of more than 50% in last three years (2010-2014)
  • More than 300 Take Home Baby till August 2014
  • Choice of IVF Destination for neighboring countries like UAE, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan & Myanmar